Design for missionaries,
by missionaries.

Ministries are often crippled by their own facilities.

We partner with them to create places that support God's redemptive work in the world. We do this by providing culturally literate architectural Teaching, Consulting, and Design for ministries in under-served locations. Whether it is helping with the best ways to utilize an existing space or creating someplace new, Partner Architects can help.

We believe that architecture is an empowering force in the world.

We use architecture to help missionaries bring the gospel to the un-reached while setting ministries up for decades of impact in their communities and nations.


Have a professional on your team

Our professional architects have experience designing in unique cultures and economies.  As missionaries themselves, they understand the pressures of ministry and share the same mission and values.


Save time and money

We have a time tested process that takes your team from project vision to finished design quickly.  Our design solutions strive to have the most impact at the lowest cost while not compromising efficiency and durability, meaning buildings cost less to build and operate.


Be confident in your decisions

Our experience designing in communities around the globe becomes invaluable for you to know that the decisions you make can guide the project team to a successful solution.

Let's partner.

If you believe we could help, please reach out and schedule a video introduction.

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